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​​I am a young, innovative and growth focused business development consultant helping your business take advantage of the web and the latest technologies.  I am unique in that I don't charge for my work, but partner with the leaders in marketing, technology and small business funding across East Anglia delivering top-quality results.  

I love learning and understanding about small businesses and their fundamental role to the global economy.  I am particularly interested in how I can enable small businesses to flourish and succeed in the future.  Businesses require strong leadership in tough times and more often than not they can do with a helping hand, a fresh look at things.  

My mission is to do just that, provide a fresh opinion of things and then give robust, honest and independent advice to what they could do to improve things.  I don't want you to feel pressured at all, so I've designed my business model to reflect that.  I only get paid if you see a saving or a return on investment after my recommendations have been implemented.  That means that we can get down to business and built a solid, long lasting relationship to stand the test of time.  

​If you are interested in my my blog, seminars or work check out my Blog here.  

My most recent client is Clothing By Jinnie where I am rebranding, marketing and aligning Jinnie's personal vision to her large business potential.  She is leading the way as Suffolk's most respected bespoke quality fashion designer.

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