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    Since leaving school and subsequently sixth form I have been working in research. Discovering the True meaning and purpose of Life itself by designing experimental personal growth solutions for my health. The cornerstone of all Life is its state of health and wellness.

    Through a highly iterative rapid solution focussed self learning process, I developed considerable expertise in the field of self knowledge and crucially inner Insight through challenge and placing myself in often at times disturbing situations removing my comfort zone and embracing the unknown.

    By accessing deep memories and states of consciousness of my past and future I have transformed myself into an interface between the inner and outer worlds, fusing them together through my identity and person.

    Over the years I have spoken with doctors of phenomenology et al with the sole intention of understanding my role in this vast universal consciousness we call Life on Earth.

    I am dedicated to enhancing Life on this Planet and in service to this greater mission.

    Who IAM?

    A musician, engineer and creative solution-driven philanphropist and Cosmic Light driven entrepreneur based in Suffolk and Cheltenham in the United Kingdom of Planet Earth in the Cosmos.


    What I Research and Study?

    I am studying cyber security at the University of Gloucestershire based in Cheltenham and Gloucester in order to understand how the cyber-physical quantum interface systems - quantum computers can be secured with an 'intent authentication device' just like on Star Trek. Ensuring that the universal computer will be able to defend itself like an immune system from attacks and not used by subversive agents for malicious intentions for humans, species and the planetary and cosmic ecosystem.


    It is of paramount importance to me to understand the situation from a multiverse perspective with a defined yet dynamically orientated universal perception. Technology can only assist with overcoming this challenge when it is given living consciousness and treated with all the Human and Living Rights we treat other beings with.


    By working and partnering with students in research in the fields of psychology and AI, quantum physics, advanced engineering technologies, futurists and visionaries of mankind and the planet which we inhabit, ecologists, environmental pioneers, sustainability consultants and great minds I am building a map of knowledge and solutions to our biggest Interstellar problems and developing means with which we can respond to future threats with early intervention, prevention and steady our course through our collective evolvement from Homo Sapiens to Homo Deus and advance to a Type III civilisation.

  • It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.



    Always looking for bigger challenges to deconstruct, decipher and solve.

    University of Gloucestershire

    Undergraduate Student Computer and Cyber Security BSc

    Started Sep 2017

    Founder and Director

    Planetary System Solution Architect

    A high growth high tech R&D firm dedicated to addressing humanity's biggest challenges between 2020 - 2050.

    Founded March 2013


    I'm reachable best via IM and email but don't hesitate to call me if its urgent.

    Cheltenham, United Kingdom


    I am always looking to chat and share ideas with like minded people, organisations and businesses to develop a more sustainable and just world.